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F# UK ton of Meetups

Since the start of the year there’s been an F# meetup every 2 weeks in London at Skills Matter, in the middle of the month we do a hands session and at the end a talk or two. There’s always a good turnout and the group now has over 500 members.

Want to get in on the action, there’s a particularly exciting schedule of free events featuring F# in and around London over the coming months:

This week

.Net in the City with Daniel Egloff on Combining F# and GPUs on Thursday 16th May

Next week

F# Type Providers Hands On with Tomas Petricek on Thursday 23rd May

Gustavo Guerra on Developing a Windows 8 application with F# also Thursday 23rd May

Week after

F# on iPad and iPhone with Neil Danson on Thursday 30th May


Machine Learning Hands On with F# on Thursday 13th June

Lean vs Agile Fight + F# Eye for the C# Guy on Wednesday 26th June in Norwich

An F# powered Raspberry Pi internet radio with Ross McKinlay on Thursday 27th June

DDD East Anglia

DDD East Anglia is a free community event in Cambridge on Saturday June 29th and there’s a good number of F# talks:

Also don’t miss the awesome Sam Aaron on:

Outside the UK?

No problem, check out what’s going on at F# user groups across the globe:

If you’re in the US check out Lambda Jam in Chicago this July and the Progressive F# Tutorials in NYC this September.


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