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Concurrency for Cats

F# asynchronous programming has been instrumental in taming concurrency while building a Silverlight 4 Trading Application, written with both C# and F#.

To learn more, PLEASE VOTE for my MIX11 open session proposal:

Simplifying Silverlight Concurrency with F# Asynchronous Programming

Phillip Trelford

In Silverlight communication is asynchronous to avoid blocking the UI thread of the browser. Writing asynchronous code in C# or VB.Net can be complex and error prone. F# is a powerful new programming language available in Visual Studio 2010 and compatible with Silverlight. F# has a number of built-in features which greatly help simplify asynchronous programming. With F# Asynchronous Workflows communication code can be written in a more natural and concise synchronous style then executed asynchronously with the compiler doing the hard work. F# Agents provide Erlang style message parsing, which make it easy to write reactive applications that receive inputs from various sources in parallel. This talk will include plenty of live code examples, and draw on recent experience of building a Silverlight based Trading Application.

UPDATE! The results are now in at And I will be attending MIX 2011, but unfortunately not speaking, thanks all the same for everyone who voted.

If you are still interested in the talk I have proposed it for DDD Scotland where again it can be voted for (or not).

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