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Connect All The Things – MVP Summit 2013

On Tuesday I did a lightning talk at the MVP Summit in Bellevue on connecting to all things, from statistics to statistical programming languages with Intellisense and LINQ using F# Type Providers, a feature shipped with Visual Studio 2012:

Connect all the things from ptrelford


Connecting to an Excel file:

Excel Provider

Querying users stored on SQL Azure:

query {
  for u in db.Users do
  where (u.UserId <> userId)
  select u

Querying genres via the Netflix API:

query {
    for g in ctx.Genres do
    where (g.Name = genre)
    for t in g.Titles do
    where (t.ReleaseYear ?<= 1959)
    where (t.ReleaseYear ?>= 1934)
    sortByNullable t.AverageRating
    skip nToSkip
    take nToTake
    select t

Running B-Movie Sample on Azure:

Connecting to the World Bank:

type WorldBank = WorldBankDataProvider<"World Development Indicators">
let data = WorldBank.GetDataContext()

let countries () = 
 [| data.Countries.India        
    data.Countries.``United Kingdom``
    data.Countries.``United States`` |]

Rendering charts asynchronously using JavaScript High Charts using TypeScript definitions:

let render () = async {
 let opts = h.HighchartsOptions() 
 opts.chart <- h.HighchartsChartOptions(renderTo = "chart", ``type`` = "line")
 opts.title <- h.HighchartsTitleOptions(text = "School enrollment")

Running in the browser using FunScript (F# to JavaScript compiler):

Charting World Bank

Querying Hadoop Hive in the browser:

query {
 for i in hive.iris do
 groupBy i.``class`` into g
 select (g.Key, Seq.length g) 


Iris data

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