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Progressive F# Tutorials November 2011

At first glance it sounds a little like a set of rock music tutorials, based on a genre from the late 60s and early 70s performed and in a specific key. However on closer inspection the Progressive F# Tutorials seem to have a lot more to do with learning F#, an exciting new multi-paradigm programming language that’s part of Visual Studio 2010.


Could there still be a tenuous link with Progressive Rock?

Jon Covach, once described in Contemporary Music Review, Progressive Rock as:

"a mostly British attempt to elevate rock music to new levels of artistic credibility."

Phil Trelford described in this very article, the Progressive F# Tutorials as:

“a mostly British attempt to elevate F# to new levels of developer understanding.”

Here’s How!

First, assemble of some of the big names in the F# world:

Second, mix in 2 tracks of F# goodness:

  • Track 1: Practical F# from the beginning
    suitable for programmers with C# or VB.Net experience
  • Track 2: F# in the Enterprise
    suitable those with F# experience or advanced C# and VB.Net developers
  • Each tutorial will be approximately 3 hours long and will have a very practical focus (i.e. bring your laptop or netbook). The aim of the conference is to have you programming F# confidently by the time you leave.

Third, help you shift into a Functional mind set with a Programming with the Stars session, where developers explain how they solve problems, featuring:

Finally, kick the whole event of with a look at what’s new in F# vNext!

Hope to see you on November 3rd..4th.

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