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Loewensberg re-animated

Verena Lowensburg was a Swiss painter and graphic designer, assocciated with the concrete art movement. I came across some of her work while searching for pieces by Richard Paul Lohse.

Again I’ve selected some pieces and attempted to draw them procedurally.

Spiral of circles and semi-circles

Based on Verena Loewensburg’s Unititled, 1953

Loewensberg step-by-step[4]

The piece was constructed from circles and semi-circles arranged around 5 concentric rectangles drawn from the inside-out. The lines of the rectangles are drawn in a specific order. The size of each circle seems only to be related to the size of it’s rectangle. If a placed circle would overlap an existing circle then it is drawn as a semi-circle

Shaded spiral

Again based on Verena Loewensburg’s Unititled, 1953

Loewensberg colors

Here I took the palette of another one of Verena’s works.

Four-colour Snake

Based on Verena Loewensburg’s Untitled, 1971

Loewensberg snake[4]

The original piece reminded me of snake video game.

Rotating Red Square

Based on Verena Loewensburg’s Untitled, 1967 

Loewensberg square rotating

This abstract piece was a rotated red square between blue and green squares.

Multi-coloured Concentric Circles

Based on Verena Loewensburg’s Untitled, 1972

Loewensberg circles shakeup

This piece is made up of overlapping concentric circles with the bottom set clipped with a rectangle. region. The shape and colour remind me a little of the Mozilla Firefox logo.


Each image was procedurally generated using the Windows Forms graphics API inside an F# script. Typically a parameterized function is used to draw a specific frame to a bitmap which can be saved out to a an animated gif.

I guess you could think of each piece as a coding kata.


Have fun!

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