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GameCraft NYC 2013

Thanks to Skills Matter last week saw the first GameCraft game jam event in North America.

GameCraft NYC 2013 Judging 

The first ever GameCraft was held in Dublin back in February 2012. Since then there have been GameCraft events all over Ireland, with an event in Derry sponsored by Nintendo the week before and a month before that an event at Skills Matter’s HQ in London.

This time I took a backseat from game development to help out during the day and take part in the judging of the finished games. The theme for the event was “lost doorways”, and teams had from 9:30am to 5pm to create their games. There were 4 teams on the day and the games they created were amazing.

The winner of people’s choice and best game was Purgatory, built with HTML 5 Canvas and Javascript (click on the picture below to launch the game):


What is also remarkable is that the team behind Purgatory met on the day!

Teledoor, another winning entry, this time created with Stencyl, is also playable online:


It’s a lot of fun meeting up with like minded people to build games and I’m looking forward to the next GameCraft in Telford!

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