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Fable DJ Drops

This post is part of the F# Advent Calendar in English 2020 series organized by Sergey Tihon on behalf of the F# Programming Language community.

Earlier in the year I picked up a Revo radio for the DAB+ and stayed for the Internet Radio stations, that open up the world of radio, and am now tuning in using an old Raspberry Pi running Pi Music Box connected to the stereo system.

I’ve been enjoying quite a lot of Dub Reggae particularly King Dub Radio which is produced by King Dub Records based out of Marseille, France. Unfortunately it appears to be overloaded right now, so here’s another great station Real Roots Radio coming out of the UK:

To enjoy the rest of this post please crank up your volume and press play on the Internet Radio.


This month saw the official release of Fable 3 Nagareyama, Alfonso’s F# to JavaScript compiler. Fable itself has been around for a long time, and it’s been my pleasure to contribute a few games samples over the years.

Yesterday I set up and started a new project, which was very easy with only a few command line commands required to create a new project, which sits waiting for you to make changes, a bit like CodePen but running locally.

Web Audio API

The Fable Browser packages provide typed access to most of the browser Web APIs, however unfortunately the Web Audio API is not there yet, but I did find bindings in a massive file in the Fable Import project from Fable 2, which I copied and pasted from and fortunately it just worked!

The Web Audio API lets you generate sounds or play samples, and apply effects, in fact everything you need to augment your Dub, check out the Zongo Dub Siren to enjoy some real-time generated siren effects over your dub music. This is something I’d like to go deeper on in a later post.

DJ Drops

Another common part of Reggae, Dub and Dance Hall music is DJ Drops over the sound. To get some authentic Jamaican drops I commissioned Neil Hype via Fiverr, to produce 4 unique DJ Drops for your enjoyment.

Putting it all together

Follow the link to select a radio station and hit play, and hit the buttons to play seasonal drops.

Source code:

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