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DDD Scotland

This weekend I made my first ever trip up to Glasgow to attend and present at the DDD Scotland conference, an event run by the community with the sessions voted for by the community.

I arrived on Friday afternoon in time for a quick walk around Glasgow’s rather impressive city centre before the speaker’s dinner. It appears I may not have been the only visitor from out-of-town on the day ;)

Police Box

The event

I started the morning with Ray Booysen’s excellent talk: Streams of Streams – Your Rx Prescription. Ray gave a great introduction to the library with plenty of live examples inside LINQPad. The Reactive Extensions (Rx) is basically LINQ for events.

Then shared the speaker’s room with Gary Short’s Ego before my talk on BDD with F#:

Code samples:

The event itself was not recorded but the following videos present some similar material:

My afternoon started with Paul Stack’s session SpecFlow - functional testing made easy. Paul gave a great intro to automating acceptance test for web apps using Specflow and Watir.

Then some important messages in Richard Dalton’s excellent session: How to build a framework, and why you almost never should. A quote from Richard’s slides:

Base the Framework on existing code, preferably multiple cases. Before Reuse… there must BE USE.

Thanks to all the organizers, speakers and attendees for making this a really fun weekend.


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