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GameCraft NYC

gamecraftSkills Matter are excited to host the first ever New York GameCraft event on Friday 20th September at the DUMBO Loft! Following the phenomenal success and excitement around Dublin GameCraft, the event is now going global with a event also planned in London! GameCraft is a games jam event designed around building the gaming community. We aim to create events which allow game-makers to meet, share ideas, have fun, compete for prizes and most importantly make games. The events will be facilitated by Games experts (and enthusiasts!) Andrea Magnorsky and Phil Trelford.


This is a free event on the same week at the same venue as the Progressive F# Tutorials NYC, so why not come and join us for both. F# + MonoGame makes a pretty awesome combination, as does Lua + Love or Python + PyGame. Take a peek at the excellent GameCraft resources page for some great links to game engines and tools.

Check out the recent article on GameCraft in the Irish Times. I popped over to Dublin for the first event back in February 2012 and it was really well organized and great fun. I managed to knock up a simple game in under 6 hours. The London event on Saturday August 10th will be 12 hours which may be enough to create a releasable game. Currently my hope is to take a simple game concept to completion and release it on an app store on the same day!

Hope to see you there.