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Announcing My F# Introduction Talk on Tuesday 19th May, 2009 @ Skills Matter in London

This talk is intended to provide a quick introduction to the language for existing developers, along the way comparing features with other programming languages including C#, C++ and Python. Expect plenty of code samples culminating in a playable mini-game written with F# in less than 300 lines!

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Mastermind F# WPF Game Sample

While playing around with the F# September CTP over the last week, I made a short, <300 lines, implementation of the Mastermind board game using some Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls. I've been impressed with the integration of F# with Visual Studio 2008 with project references and property pages now in place. It also seems pretty easy to wire up a usable UI using the WPF controls event without XAML. Anyway you can view the source on the F# wiki or download it below and have a play.

Mastermind.fs (13.69 kb)